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Guys, 5 T-shirts will get you by for 10 weeks- Jon Bon Jovi

Minimalist fashion equals minimalist jewellery and Latest Sale highlights men’s stainless steel jewellery including men’s stainless steel rings. Jon Bon Jovi once said, “Guys, 5 T- shirts will get you by for 10 weeks, so the Fire Steel Jewellery teams has selected the five essential men’s stainless steel jewellery pieces that are perfect for a 10…

Latest Sale organic gemstones, Destino Jewellery, Amber Jewellery

Latest Sale sources organic gemstones from the Baltics to create engaging pieces of sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery. Traditionally, Destino Jewellery specializes in yellow amber and lime green amber with wearers able to enjoy an array of delightfully designed amber earrings, amber brooches and amber necklaces. Perfectly packaged in white faux leather designer jewellery…

Blackshaw Interior Design profile, Latest Sale Week 19062017

This week, Latest Sale covers interior design for the Business Directory. We cover lifestyle interior design and luxury minimalist design in this blog with a focus on Blackshaw Interior Design located in Marbella, Spain. The interior design firm specalises in commercial and retail, and residential interior design projects taking on board luxury interior design trends….

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